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Friday, 3 August 2012


Well, after yesterday's post requesting some positive news, the Universe decided to play funny buggers.

Jasmine went out to feed her guinea pigs today, only to find her favourite piggy dead at the bottom of the cage.  The other 3 seem fine, so this is a mystery death.  She's now buried in the garden close to the area the other pigs run around in.

RIP Quinn xxx


  1. oh that is sad. Do you know what happened?

  2. Awww... Poor Bri :( Too chilly for guineas? We've had two die suddenly. It's rather sad when it happens :( Hugs to you all. xx

  3. Nope K - no idea. We've got a couple of flowerpots in their cage for them to hide in & she found Quinn in one of those. There have been colder nights, so I don't think that was the reason. She was devastated as Quinn was sooooo special to her.