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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's all about family

Ah, it does my heart proud to be raising a Socialist Greenie :D

I love how kids can see so clearly what many adults fail to grasp, or have pushed aside in preference of economic gain.

On our way to trampolining today, there was a fair bit of smoke coming from a roadside property.  I noticed yesterday that there was at least one big tree down & an excavator onsite, so obviously today's task was to take care of the unwanted tree.  Jasmine wondered why there was so much smoke & explained what they were doing.  She was disgusted, stating most emphatically that we need trees to breathe & it was "stupid" to cut them down, before a couple of minutes of tutting & mumbling to herself about the environmental impact of the smoke & loss of vegetation.  I explained that some trees become diseased, or it may have needed removing so they could build there.  She was surprised to hear trees could get sick, so we talked a bit about different diseases that affect plants.  Further along, there was someone else burning off and again she was very vocal about how bad the smoke was and wondered why the people didn't know that.  I just smiled to myself, imagining how she'd be if she ever got to question Forestry Tasmania about their practises ;).

Jasmine has been trying to grasp the concept of power & electricity lately, with it coming up often in conversation.  We've talked about what it would have been like to live without electricity & her main concern was how people had parties without it - LOL!  I suggested that they probably still had celebrations for different events, but not quite like the parties we have today.  I pointed out many of those celebrations would have involved lots of people in the same village.

Then when we woke up today, she noticed the clock on the (evil) microwave was not displaying the time correctly.  I mentioned there'd been a blackout while we slept (D had told me about it while I was still sleeping), which triggered more talk about electricity. During that same car trip today, we had this chat.....

"Mum, you know way back in the olden days, before there were people like us, when there were people who used to look after dinosaurs?  (laughs)  Well, not realllly, but you know a really long time ago before people had power?"


"I think they still had lots of parties!"


"But they didn't NEED power.  They had their families.  Who needs electricity when you have your family?  Family is all you really need!"

Wow!  Who needs electricity when you have your family?  Brilliant question and one of those moments when you realise how important the simple things are.  I love that girl!!!!!


  1. Somehow I only just found this post, but I had to say what a totally awesome child you have :D

  2. Thanks Is :) I reckon she's pretty spesh, too ;)