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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We're in public.....

We went to the local Chinese restaurant last night.  It was Jasmine's turn to choose what we had for dinner and given that I was fighting sleep, I really didn't mind someone else doing the cooking & cleaning.

When I get that tired, I tend to laugh pretty much anything, so when Jasmine came out with some pearlers last night, I ended up in tears.  I'm just glad we were the only customers there.

Now, this banter may not seem as funny out of context, but it really was all about the way she delivered these lines.  It all started when hubby was trying to tell Jasmine through gestures that I'm a bit silly.  Her response?....

"(his first name), we're in public!!!"
Me: *losing the battle not to laugh hysterically*
Him to her:  "That was a very clever thing to say.  You put me in my box."
Her: "I'm a professional learner!"

A couple of minutes later.....

Him: "Do you know how to behave in public?"
Her: "Yes, because I'm a talented child."

And finally, when Jasmine was being silly whilst eating her food......

Him: "Jasmine, we're in public!"
Her: *rolls eyes*
Him: "One point for Daddy."
Her: *pauses for a moment* "I've got LOTS more points than you, Big Boy!"

It great to see the return of her sass after the frequent self-deprecation of recent weeks :D


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