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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Time flies.....

Wow - it really has been a while since I've posted anything here!  I have a few quiet moments now with nothing else to do that can't wait a little longer, so let's see if I can manage a quick catch-up.....

Action shot
First, on an "official" note, I received a letter in the mail today confirming another 2 years registration with THEAC.  I did all the normal stressing over being/doing/proving "enough" before the visit from the Monitoring Officer, but it was all good :)  Lots of photos & an hour of having her ear talked off by Jasmine was just the ticket :)

Jasmine's enjoying learning new skills at gymnastics.  It was just the stretch (pardon the pun) of her skills that she needed.  What's more, her beloved coach from her old class helps out with some of this class as well, so she's extra happy!

I've been helping her work on some of the moves at home, which in turn has made me realise just how little exercise I really do!  As I watch her, I remember the days when I had that sort of flexibility.  I think we can both benefit from a bit of training at home ;-)

May was a mixed month for us.  It was the time we finally had to say goodbye to our dear old cat, Bonni.  She had been suffering with age-related problems & a nasty carcinoma on her head, which in turn could not be treated due to age-related problems.  We left it as long as we could, but on the 8th May, we made the devastating drive to the vet.
RIP Bon Bon

Afterwards, Jasmine wanted to go to the pet store to get something for her guinea pigs.  I made it VERY clear that we were not going to get another animal.  You know how they say not to go food shopping on an empty stomach?  Apparently, the same applies to visiting pet shops when emotional over having just lost your eldest pet......

Meet Zara, the newest member of our motley menagerie.  Jasmine just luuuuuuuurrrrrrves her, even if she does keep using Jasmine's bedroom as a toilet (grrrrrrrr).  I'm just thankful we have wooden floors!  We had to take William to the "day spa" the day after we got Zara as his hormones had just hit & he just.would.not.leave.her.alone.  They are absolute besties now and we have witnessed many, many moments of absolute cuteness.  

Now, we are playing a waiting game with our 16yo cat Sabre, the last of her generation.  Age has suddenly caught up with her & I think it's only a matter of weeks at best.  This all coincides with the first anniversary of the accident that killed my sister-in-law & her husband coming up in a few days, as well as hearing news that is good for some family members - and I am truly happy for them - but it reminds me of all the losses we've dealt with over the years.  Throw in a Winter plague & suffice to say something like a lotto win or successful pregnancy would be realllllly welcomed right now!  

But enough wallowing in self-pity.  Let's see what else Jasmine has been doing (in no particular order)....

Huon Natural Learners meet

Meeting Tetsuya Wakuda

"Cheesy egg"

Making a garden for her fairy friends


Watching a performance she wanted to see again & again

Conquering the playground on our way back from a Thermomix Consultant cooking class in Launnie - and running into some other friends heading home after a weekend up North :-)

Checking out the Sun Calendar in Campbelltown

Cuddling Zara.   OH SO MUCH cuddling Zara!

Unleashing her inner pyromaniac

Swapping to the more advanced side of the Scrabble Jr board after watching me play Words With Friends on FB

Kitten slinging

Bubble blowing (which the cats had fun playing with)

Duck facing - I mean muffin making (but looking so much like her Aunt in the process)
Running in to the Justice Crew guys @ Kmart after the Silvers Circus show

Playing with my new phone

Impersonation of a pea fowl?

"Brianna's Chicken Delight"

Finding a new way to serve choc avocado mousse

Destruction Day @ Hobart Natural Learners Co-op

Mt Canopus Observatory @ Cambridge with Warren, our tour guide


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